Workplace Health and Wellness Analysis

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Laptop Tracking

Pioneering a better way to track Health

The nation’s leader in wastewater epidemiology

We analyze forgotten sewage to determine the presence of infected individuals, giving you a powerful weapon to monitor and fight the spread of diseases such as Covid-19, the flu, emerging pathogens, and even High Risk Substances such as opioids within your building.

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Wastewater Intelligence Benefits

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Early Warning

Smoke alarm for the spread of diseases in the workplace

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Inform Protocol Decision Making

Leverage sewage to strategically implement mitigation strategies only when needed to avoid outbreaks

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Lower Admin Burden

Gain data driven insights without disrupting operations or employee behavior

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Test At Scale

For a fraction of the cost of mass individual testing, get an overview of the scope of infection

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Comprehensive Coverage

Data includes symptomatic, pre-symptomatic & asymptomatic

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Rapid Results

Our lab maintains a consistently low turnaround time and is able to return results as quickly as the next business day after sample receipt

How It Works

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Program Design

We assist in developing
the right sampling
program for your

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Sample Collection

We provide sampling
protocols, instructions
and all materials needed
for collection and
shipping of wastewater samples

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Lab Analysis

Analysis for Covid, flu,
HRS, emerging

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Data Analysis

Our team of data
scientists implements proprietary data science models to identify trends
of note in your results

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Data Interpretation

Expert data
interpretation with public health scientists, epidemiologists, and
data analysts

Product tailored for buildings

Covid, Covid Variants, Flu, High Risk Substances, & Emerging Pathogens
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Long-Term Care
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Ready to return to the office confidently?

Learn how Biobot’s robust data platform can elevate your protocols and help you maintain healthy buildings.