We are global leaders in wastewater epidemiology

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Biobot Analytics Founders, Newsha Ghaeli (left) and Dr. Mariana Matus (right)

Our mission is to transform wastewater infrastructure into public health observatories

Founded by a biologist and an architect, our team has exemplified the power of interdisciplinary collaboration from its beginning.

As a first-year PhD student at MIT, Dr. Mariana Matus was inspired to start wastewater epidemiology research, so she could apply her technical skills to improve public health. With the support of Professors Eric Alm and Carlo Ratti, her research grew into the MIT Underworlds Project. Newsha Ghaeli, an architect, joined the project with an interest in how new technologies can improve cities and urban life. Their work resulted in several scientific publications, coverage by dozens of local and national media outlets, and Dr. Matus’ PhD dissertation in Computational Biology.

Inspired by the potential of wastewater epidemiology, Biobot is the first company in the world to commercialize data from sewage. After winning multiple entrepreneurship competitions at MIT, including a place in the DeltaV and DesignX accelerators, Biobot completed the Y Combinator accelerator in San Francisco. Headquartered in the Boston area, we aim to extend our wastewater epidemiology platform across the globe.

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Our Team

Mariana Matus, CEO & COFOUNDER
Mariana Matus, PhD
Newsha Ghaeli
Venkat Jaganathan, VP, Product
Venkat Jaganathan
Chief Product Officer
Tracy Analoro, Research Associate II
Tracy Analoro
Research Associate II
Michael Arcudi, Vice President, Finance and Operations
Michael Arcudi
Vice President, Finance and Operations
Kyle Billemeyer, Staff Software Engineer
Kyle Billemeyer
Staff Software Engineer
Matt Boyce, Cheminformatician
Matt Boyce
Alex Buben, Principal, Epidemiology
Alex Buben
Principal, Epidemiology
Becca Cooper, Tech Transfer Specialist I
Becca Cooper, PhD
Tech Transfer Specialist I
Marisa Donnelly, Sr. Principal, Epidemiology
Marisa Donnelly
Sr. Principal, Epidemiology
Nick Durham, Account Associate
Nick Durham
Account Associate
Oliver Ehrhardt, DevSecOps Engineer
Oliver Ehrhardt
DevSecOps Engineer
Jana Epstein, Product Manager, Applications
Jana Epstein
Product Manager, Applications
Michela Farina, Molecular Supervisor
Michela Farina
Molecular Supervisor
Johnny Florez
Johnny Florez
Fulfillment Associate
Roisin Floyd, Molecular Supervisor
Róisín Floyd-O’Sulivan
Molecular Supervisor
Jennifer Fostel,  Senior Product Manager, Applications
Jennifer Fostel
Senior Product Manager, Applications
Lauren Galinsky, Director, Partnerships
Lauren Galinsky
Director, Partnerships
Anna Greene, Director, Growth Marketing
Anna Greene
Director, Growth Marketing
Celia Groeneveldt, Customer Support Coordinator
Celia Groeneveldt
Customer Support Coordinator
Josh Harrison, PhD, Research Data Scientist II
Josh Harrison, PhD
Research Data Scientist II
Kait Hess Jimenez, Senior Director, Lab and R&D
Kait Hess Jimenez
Senior Director, Lab and R&D
Bob Kittredge, Vice President, Customer Success
Bob Kittredge
Vice President, Customer Success
Pema Kunsal, Research Associate III
Pema Kunsal
Research Associate III
Augusto Latorre, Research Associate III
Augusto Latorre
Research Associate III
Brenton Mantone, Molecular Laboratory Technician
Brenton Mantone
Molecular Laboratory Technician
Monica Matus, ACCOUNTANT
Monica Matus
Thomas McDonald, Group Lead, R&D
Thomas McDonald
Group Lead, R&D
Kyle McElroy, Principal Research Scientist
Kyle McElroy, PhD
Principal Research Scientist
Ross McKinney, Director, Data Engineering
Ross McKinney
Director, Data Engineering
Neil O'Connor
Neil O’Connor
Senior Director, Sales and Business Development
Kaleena Olatunji
Kaleena Olatunji
Fulfillment Associate
Jamie Orent
Jamie Orent
Fulfillment Associate
Dan Orsine
Dan Orsine
Director, Enterprise Accounts
Ridge Pierce, Research Associate III
Ridge Pierce
Research Associate III
Allison Piper, Customer Support & Insights Analyst
Allison Piper
Customer Support & Insights Analyst
Monica Pompey, Research Associate III
Monica Pompey
Research Associate III
Mike Richards, Staff Software Engineer
Mike Richards
Staff Software Engineer
Shawn Rinehart, Senior Software Engineer
Shawn Rinehart
Senior Software Engineer
Genevieve Rogers, Business Development Director
Genevieve Rogers
Business Development Director
Chaithra Sathyanarayana, Senior Software Engineer
Chaithra Sathyanarayana
Senior Software Engineer
Katja Shimko
Katja Shimko
Research Scientist II
Camelia Shuja, Fulfillment Operations Manager
Camelia Shuja
Fulfillment Operations Manager
Summer Smith, Staff Software Engineer
Summer Smith
Staff Software Engineer
Adam Thomson, Senior Software Engineer
Adam Thomson
Senior Software Engineer
Matt Tosch
Matt Tosch
Account Director
Bradley Wagner, Staff Data Scientist, Quantitative Epidemiologist
Bradley Wagner
Staff Data Scientist, Quantitative Epidemiologist
Alex Waldrop, Staff Software Engineer
Alex Waldrop
Staff Software Engineer
Nadia Wallace, Vice President, Engineering
Nadia Wallace
Vice President, Engineering
Taylor Wirtz, Senior Manager, Web Applications
Taylor Wirtz
Senior Manager, Web Applications
Anna Wolock, Research Associate III
Anna Wolock
Research Associate III

Our Advisors

Board of Advisors

John Brownstein
John Brownstein

Scientific Advisors

Eric Profile, Professor of Biological Engineering, MIT
Eric Alm, PhD
Professor of Biological Engineering, MIT
Dr. Peter Chai, Assistant Professor, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Dr. Peter Chai, MD
Assistant Professor, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Dr. Timothy Erickson, Associate Professor, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Dr. Timothy Erickson, MD
Associate Professor, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Bill Hanage
Bill Hanage, PhD
Associate Professor, Harvard School of Public Health
Elizabeth Profile, Scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Elizabeth Kujawinski, PhD
Scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

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