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Biobot Analytics Raises $20M Series A to Expand Its Wastewater Epidemiology Data Platform

October 22, 2021

Cambridge, Mass. – October 22, 2021 – Biobot Analytics,  the company who rapidly scaled their wastewater monitoring and detection platform in response to Covid-19, announces today 20M in Series A funding. The pandemic underscored a need for continuous, reliable population health data so that public officials can make decisions to protect those in their community – with a lack of consistent clinical testing available, many turned to wastewater data. Cofounded by Dr. Mariana Matus and Newsha Ghaeli, a scientist and architect hailing from Mexico City and Toronto, respectively, Biobot has analyzed samples from over 700 locations across all U.S. states, a handful of Canadian provinces, and a number of Latin American cities through a partnership with the World Bank.

The round was led by Thursday Ventures, with participation from existing investors including The Engine and American Family Insurance for Corporate and Social Impact. They were joined by new strategic investors including Plum Alley Investments, Anne Wojcicki, CEO & Cofounder of 23andMe, and Tom Knight, Cofounder of Ginkgo Bioworks. 

Dr. Rich-Henry Schabowsky, Partner at Thursday Ventures, will be joining Biobot’s Board of Directors. “We are excited to continue working alongside the Biobot team in their mission to make wastewater epidemiology a permanent infrastructure layer on top of our sewers. Leveraging their unique and non-invasive technology, Biobot is creating immense value out of what was previously considered waste.” said Dr. Schabowsky.

This use of proceeds will see the continued expansion of Biobot’s wastewater epidemiology platform across the United States and abroad as wastewater testing moves into the national spotlight as a pillar of public health infrastructure. As evidence of this, $1 billion in funds has been proposed by Congress and the Biden Administration to establish an early-warning system for new disease outbreaks, with specific references to wastewater surveillance. 

“Covid-19 is the first of many applications for this wastewater monitoring and response system. We are seeing great interest from communities in monitoring for other infectious diseases, high risk substances, and general health and well-being.” said Mariana Matus, CEO & Cofounder.

The Series A funding will also support the growth of Biobot’s enterprise solutions, which brings the low-cost, non-invasive advantages of wastewater analytics to places of work and other building environments. These solutions provide employers and organizations with tools to reflex in response to a detection, as well as contain and prevent outbreaks. 

About Biobot Analytics Biobot Analytics is a wastewater analytics firm and a global leader in wastewater epidemiology led by Mariana Matus, Ph.D., the company’s CEO and Cofounder, and Newsha Ghaeli, President and Cofounder. Originally from Mexico City and Toronto, respectively, the pair met at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where they first started working on wastewater epidemiology research. Biobot uses the data present in wastewater to learn valuable insights that shape the health of communities. Biobot is headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., and is serving states and localities nationwide. More information on our mission and technology is available at our website,