Addressing high-risk substance Use Through Wastewater Intelligence

Aug 2023

Overdose deaths tied to opioids have reached staggering numbers across the United States, far too many as a result of huge delays in data making effective intervention methods nearly impossible. But what if we could use real-time data to help prevent overdoses before they happen?

In this webinar, you’ll find out how wastewater intelligence data is being leveraged in Marin County to develop an innovative and responsive program to help address high risk substance use in their community.

You’ll hear from Biobot CEO and cofounder Mariana Matus on how leveraging sewage can help officials build more timely interventions and solutions. You’ll also hear from Alex Buben, a Biobot epidemiologist who worked with Marin County to design a program right for their community. And from Haylea Hannah, Senior Department Analyst, County of Marin, on how wastewater intelligence is already making an impact, as well as hopes for the future of the program (and others like it).

Watch the Webinar