Track outbreaks – before they begin.

Protect Your Community with Sewage


Early detection. Targeted interventions.
A comprehensive picture.

Wastewater intelligence can stop pandemics before they begin, and put an end to our drug epidemic.

Pathogens like SARS-CoV-2, influenza, RSV, and norovirus are shed in the stool. High-risk substances like opioids are excreted in urine. These substances all make their way into our sewers. We analyze sewage to identify health risks in communities. 

Our data can help you:

Number one
Detect Early

Get an early warning of an outbreak or spike in substance use, giving you time to take action to prevent the spread of a virus or bacteria, or prevent overdoses.

Number two
Target Interventions

Identify areas with high levels of disease so you can build targeted and therefore more effective interventions.

Number three
Get a Full Picture

Have a comprehensive picture of disease prevalence, including asymptomatic and misdiagnosed cases that are not captured by traditional surveillance methods.

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How it works

Program design

We develop an appropriate sampling program to fit the needs of your community or building.

Sample collection

We provide sample collection hardware, detailed sampling training and instructions, and mail-in kits.

Lab analysis

We isolate the unique genetic signature of pathogens and high risk substances, analyzing the amount present.

Data analysis

Leveraging our database of thousands of samples, we estimate the prevalence in your population giving you rapid results.

Data interpretation

Through data visualizations and weekly webinars, we provide expert customer support.

How to receive sampling kits

Identify the locations where you will be collecting your wastewater samples.

Fill in our Get Started form to start the order process. Our team will follow up.

Biobot will ship you sampling kits and instructions.

Each sampling kit includes supplies for transporting one sewage sample, an ice pack, a return shipping box and label, and instructions.